CHSMiner  v.1.1

Detect CHSs with this tool. CHSMiner offer you an integrated GUI environment to help you with the detection, evaluation and visualization of chromosomal homologous segments (CHSs). CHSMiner Features: * Define CHSs based on shared gene content alone

PEAKS Studio 6.0 Build  v.20120

PEAKS is proteomic mass spectrometry software, designed for the researcher interested in highly confident results.


PanOCT  v.1.6

PanOCT, Pan-genome Ortholog Clustering Tool, is a program written in PERL for pan-genomic analysis of closely related prokaryotic species or strains.

Prospect Interface  v.1.04

Bio::Prospect:: is a Perl API to thePROSPECT threading application.

T2prhd  v.2.0

t2prhd is a Perl script which generates simple diagrams that highlight relationships of sequence repeats detected by using a profile HMM in two sequences.

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